Since 2002 Red Nation Celebration Institute ‘Native Youth Matter’ initative has been able to make a difference in giving to youth on Rose Bud and Pine Ridge reservations in South Dakota and California and New Mexico Native communities.

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) is the parent non-profit organization to Red Nation Film Festival, Red Nation Productions and Red Nation Films. Red Nation Celebration Institute with your generous support of our partners, together we have been able to give for the last 15 years, over $20,000 worth of food and clothing toys and over $10,000 worth of school supplies, books, toys, bikes, computers to Pine Ridge and Rose Bud Reservation.

In addition Red Nation Celebration Institute has given product in clothing to local California native youth programs.

In New Mexico and Los Angeles, ‘Native Youth Matter’ youth has opportunities to develop working relationships with Native filmmakers, artists, musicians. since 1995.

Our partners in 2002 & 2003 were Toys R Us and Gives in Kind and You!

All proceeds of your pledge’s benefit “Native Youth Matter” Ending Youth Suicide on Reservations. Red Nation Celebration is a 501(c)3 Non Profit American Indian Organization, Talk to your tax advisor about a tax deduction for your pledge.

In addition as of 2011 and beyond; a dollar from each ticket sale from our annual events goes towards Native Youth Matter.

Each year RNFF Annual Events chooses a Charity, proceeds benefit American Indian Social Justice, Environmental Solutions, Human Rights, Animal Protection and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

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