The Authentic Voice of American Indian and Indigenous storytellers, our mission is in promoting, advancing, advocating and empowering independent filmmakers, media artists and content creators, with an emphasis on initiatives for Native women and youth, in all media platforms, in conjunction with partners from around the world.

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Welcome to Red Nation Television Network – The World is Watching Native is Here

The World's First and Best on-line streaming company from a Native perspective, since 2006.


Red Nation Television Network is a global provider of streaming movies, original series, documentaries, shorts, TV series, children shows, and on-demand specials with 10 million viewers in 37 countries as of 2006. Red Nation TV started as a free streaming network in 2006 and became a subscription based network in July 2015.


Your #1 Source from the Native Perspective. 100% American Indian Women Owned & Operated.


Red Nation Television Network

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Established in 1995, Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) is the longest standing American Indian & Indigenous multidisciplinary

educational Arts & Culture non-profit corporation in Los Angeles.


RNCI is the Authentic Voice of American Indian and Indigenous storytellers, our mission is in promoting, advancing, advocating and empowering independent film and filmmakers, media artists and content creators in all media platforms.


Joanelle Romero

Founder / President

Red Nation Celebration Institute relies on contributions from our members and supporters to fund community youth film screenings, exhibitions, publications, public programs, educational programs, internships, and other outreach initiatives to Native communities across the Americas and to the Entertainment Industry.


This year marks the 22nd year of Red Nation Celebration Institute. If you would like to make a fully tax-deductible gift donation, perhaps to honor or memorialize a friend or a family member, our development team would be pleased to speak with you. All donations are welcomed, thank you for your generous support.




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RNCI work’s in areas of  policy, research, and advocacy in regards to Native Youth including expanding empowerment initiatives for native women and girls.  RNCI analyzes the impact of current and proposed policies on Native American youth, and foster strategic relationships with stakeholders such as legislative staff, agency personnel and tribal leaders. RNCI works directly with Native youth, in tribal and urban Indian communities across the country as part of our regular youth outreach and engagement work.

Native Youth Matter - If I Can See It I Can Be It

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Native FILM Labs is an Indigenous film community. The process of our work has become a natural experience with American Indian and Indigenous storytellers coming to us or our team identifying Native artists, locally and internationally, since 2003. In addition, Native students have always been a highlighted interest of Red Nation Celebration Institute’s work in recognizing and developing new talent. Red Nation Celebration Institute’s Native Youth Matter program has sustained since 1995.

Native Film Lab

Native Women in Film {Television|Media|Digital|Music}  Inc. is a Resource for Native Women’s Rights, is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for American Indian & Indigenous women, encouraging the creative narrative by native women, exploring and empowering portrayals of women in all forms of global media, expanding empowerment initiatives for native women and girls, in the arts, media, social justice, civic engagement, economic empowerment, research, training and international relations, NWIF serves under its fiscal partner American Indian & Indigenous Arts & Culture non-profit organization Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI).


Native Women & Girls

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Red Nation Celebration Institute with its Red Nation Film Festival is the ONLY native festival working on environmental solutions thru film screenings, talent, product placement, environmental networks, our Red is Green Carpet events Native Fashion with Social Action, Red Nation Conversation Series, and our Indigenous Women RISE Climate Change March.


Environmental & Social Justice

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Red Nation Conversation Series™ is a program that offers inspiring events with well-known actors {native & non-native} who explore the profession of acting, directing, producing, writing and working in show business; reflect on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers; discuss past and current projects; share valuable insights into the craft and industry; with an audience of fellow performers and film enthusiasts.


Red Nation Conversation Series

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Red Nation Film Festival™ (RNFF) The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema™ is dedicated to breaking the barrier of racism by successfully replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian Filmmakers at the forefront of the entertainment industry and to introduce American Indian Filmmakers to larger, global mainstream audiences while championing Native Women in Film & Television and giving voice and inspiring native youth with our dedicated program Native Youth Matter™ – If I Can See It I Can Be It.™


Founded in 2003 by Humanitarian, Award Winner filmmaker, actor and member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,  Joanelle Romero.


Red Nation Film Festival

Standing Rock & Beyond

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Remember this movement STANDING ROCK - started with our Native YOUTH, supported by our WOMEN, backed by our ELDERS & ANCESTORS.


In Nov. 2015 Red Nation Film Festival & Hawking Inc brought these very youth out to  Los Angeles, this was their first trip to Los Angeles, these Native Youth from  Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, included Standing Rock Sioux Tribal member, lead the first Indigenous Women RISE Climate Change March and sang at RNCI Red Nation Awards. They were so inspired by being in LA and leading the march, they went back home and in April 2016 launched the Standing Rock movement. In June 2016 Red Nation Film Festival was the first organization to Stand with Standing Rock.


November 2016, Red Nation Film Festival honored Standing Rock Nation and Chairman, Dave Archambault II at the RNCI Red Nation Awards and lead the very first conversation about Standing Rock to the entertainment industry at large. Red Nation Film Festival also screened a short film by filmmaker  Josue Rivas. This film screened 44 times during the Festival and was the first film out of Standing Rock.



American Indian Heritage Month

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American Indian Holocaust Memorial

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Los Angeles has largest American Indian Urban population in the country, is the Entertainment capital of the world, and is the second largest city in the United States.


In 2005, Red Nation Celebration Institute founded and launched American Indian Heritage Month (AIHM) in the City of Los Angeles. In 2006 AIHM was officially recognized by Governor Schwarzenegger, Lt. Governor Bustamante and Mayor Villaraigosa and the City and County of Los Angeles.


In 2006, Red Nation Celebration Institute was recognized by the State of California “for their tireless efforts to establish the First Annual American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles.”



In 2007, when environmental consciousness came more clearly into the hearts and minds of Americans, RNCI founder Joanelle Romero was already breaking new ground by dedicating the City’s second annual American Indian Heritage Month to “Honoring American Indians as our Nation’s First Environmentalists.”


In where, American Indian Holocaust Memorial was launched in Los Angeles, in bringing National attention to the American Indian Holocaust in planting a tree in honoring the 'Great Law of Peace.' In 2017, Romero gathered Indigenous leaders and launched American Indian Holocaust Memorial in Washington D.C.



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The Romero Company (TRC) is an independent Indigenous film studio, Los Angeles-based multi-media production and distribution company that produces, develops and acquires film projects for theatrical and home video distribution that are native themed.




Red Nation Films is a Production Company established to develop and produce high-quality feature films that entertain, delight and inspire, founded by award-winning industry professional filmmaker Joanelle Romero.  Romero’s goal is to identify and create commercially viable projects with compelling story lines from a native perspective.


The Romero Company

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A one-of-a-kind event with Festival Filmmakers, distribution companies, production companies, and esteemed members of the entertainment industry. Emerging and established Native filmmakers have the opportunity to ‘pitch’ their short film to industry insiders and distribution companies. In addition a high profile panel “Distribution Matters” made up of industry insiders and distribution companies.

Native Film Market

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RNCI has its roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, produced during the famous Indian Market (1995); RNCI pioneered the MUSIC MOVEMENT during Indian Market.


In 1996, RNCI launched NATIVE WOMEN in MUSIC, NWIM has become a MUSIC MOVEMENT.


In 1998, RNCI moved to Los Angeles during the most important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week.” In 2003, RNCI “Concert Series” became an “Official Grammy Event”


In 2005, RNCI launched the music scene on the Plaza during Indian Market.




Red Nation Concert Series

Sponsors Since Inception 1995