Concert Series

Red Nation Concert Series

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) was established out of a direct
need. RNC has its roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, produced during the
famous Indian Market (1995 to 1997); RNCI pioneered the music movement
during Indian Market. In 1995 there wasn’t any contemporary American
Indian music being performed during Indian Market. Today, there is Native
contemporary music being performed all over Santa Fe during Indian Market.

In 1998, Red Nation moved to Los Angeles produced during the most
important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week.” In 2003,
Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” became an “Official Grammy Event”
and went on to become Red Nation Celebration’s “Signature” Event.

In 2005, Red Nation launched the music scene on the Plaza during Indian
Market week-end in Santa Fe NM and now native music is being performed on
the plaza.

2010 RNCI brought “Red Nation Film Festival – On the Road” (RNFF) to Santa
Fe, taking place during Indian Market. Red Nation Film Festival
established the Red Carpet Events during Indian Market, never before had
Indian Market had a red carpet event! in 2011 Red Nation Film Festival –
On the Road, was once again brought to Santa Fe during Indian Market.

2015 Red Nation Celebration Institute will be celebrating its 20th
Anniversary in partnership with IFAM bringing ‘Red Nation Film Festival –
On the Road’ and our signature event Red Nation Celebration ‘Concert
Series’ . August 20-22.

Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series”  and Red Nation Film Festival “On
the Road” is still being produced during Indian Market in Santa Fe, New
Mexico in August. Representing performing arts, American Indian &
Indigenous music, actors, writers, directors, producers, and visual

Due to Red Nation’s vision, native music is being heard throughout Indian
Market. Red Nation inspired this music movement and now audiences can
experience native music almost anywhere throughout the United States. Red
Nation’s success is a revolution and presentation of Native music from all
over Indian Country from within the communities urban to reservations. Red
Nation was recognized as a groundbreaking concept and became a widely
publicized event of national stature. Red Nation has successfully featured
American Indian recording artists, Grammy winners and nominees, and has
been a launching pad for numerous American Indian musicians who have been
signed to labels since performing at Red Nation’s concerts over the last
20 years.